Bureau de Normalisation de
l'Aéronautique et de l'Espace

Bureau de normalisation par délégation AFNOR

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The Aeronautics and Space Standardization Office* has been supporting experts in the development of national and international standards since 1941. It is dedicated to:

  •  Take part in the production of standards following French, European and international processes
  •  Guide experts in their standardization choices
  •  Support experts through technical secretariat and watch activities

The BNAE abides by:

  •  Openness - Standardization works are open to all interested parties.
  •  Consensus - Consensus is a general agreement, characterized by the absence of sustained opposition by any important part of the concerned interests. 
  •  Transparency - Sufficient up-to-date information is issued in order to enable any interested group to participate.
  •  Balance - A balanced repartition of interests within working groups is essential



*On behalf of AFNOR